The first step is to fill out an application on the homepage! Once it is received by our office, you will be contacted. If there is a specific property you are interested in, please make sure to include that on your application. Once you have decided on a house and terms have been discussed, you will be asked to perform a 2nd step in the application. A link for you to complete a soft credit inquiry and tenant background will be sent to your email. Click the link to follow the instructions and complete this part of the process. You will be charged a NON REFUNDABLE fee of $29.95 by the company at the time of completing this application. Approval is NOT based solely on credit score. The report is automatically sent to us. Once this is reviewed, you will be contacted to discuss the decision or if more information is needed.
We REQUIRE a $2,500 down payment at the time of signing the final paperwork. NO exceptions will be made. We charge a straight 7% interest rate. All move in dates are on the 1st of every month. We have guidelines in place prior to your move that need to be followed so we CANNOT allow early access to the home.
We REQUIRE that all new land contracts escrow their property taxes and home insurance. This will be part of the monthly payment and set into a separate account on your behalf. When that bill comes due, we pay for it out of your account and send you the receipt. Property taxes will be prorated for the current year for the date of the move in. These funds are due at the time of closing.You must obtain a homeowner’s policy for the property and pay for that policy for a year in full at least 24 hours prior to signing the final documents. Your monthly cost will be determined by the policy and coverage that you choose. The policy will then be paid the following year out of your escrow account. Schedule your appointment for the signing of the final documents (copy of land contract format)
At least 2 hours prior to your appointment, you will be contacted and given the final amount that is due at the time of signing. Payment will only be accepted in money order, cashier’s check, credit card or cash for this one time transaction. The contract will not be finalized if the full payment required is not paid at the time of signing. Utilities to the property must be scheduled to be transfered into the name of the buyer at least 2 days prior to move in. All utility bills, garbage removal, and general expense to upkeep the property is the buyer’s responsibility. We want to make sure you love your new home! If you move in and there is an issue, we offer a 30 day guarantee on ALL mechanical and structural repairs (Cosmetic Repairs will be discussed prior to move in).
No PREPAYMENT PENALTIES! In fact, you are encouraged to pay off your loan early! Make extra principal payments or refinance your loan at any time! We look forward to working with you in the future!