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At Cornerstone, we provide quality, affordable homes for rent in many central New York counties. When we rent out our homes, we give tenants an option to buy the home from us should they want to transition into home ownership. As well, we give tenants the flexibility of a month to month lease (1 year lease for section 8 tenants) while at the same time guaranteeing in writing that we won’t raise the rent for a full 5 years unless property taxes increase. Monthly rents range from $500 - $1,000 month.

    If you are looking into our older land contract program, please be advised that we no longer sell owner financed homes. Instead, we credit our tenants $100/month for up to 60 months towards a down payment should they want to purchase the home from us. We even review your a credit report and assist tenants in targeting debts to be paid off in preparation of applying for bank financing in the future.

    If you want to rent a home with an option to buy, call our sales department at   

You can access more information about our program and view a current list of available homes by clicking on the corresponding links. Once again, thank you for visiting our website, and no matter what your credit score is, we hope to make your dream of renting or owning a single family home come true. And who knows, with our $100/month down payment credit program, you may very well in time experience the stability of home ownership even though you never thought it possible! Let us help you take the next step!